Why "Spiritual Bizarre"?

Over thirteen years ago I had gotten to the point of damaging myself and my life to the extreme by using alcohol and drugs. I was left with no other choice but to stop - though I'd already tried many times. Unsuccessfully.

I entered a recovery program and it worked for a while. However, for a number of seemingly good (but misguided) reasons I had drifted away from my daily practice of recovery. 

Over time I relapsed several times, I hurt those closest to me and became filled with more and more shame until I began to feel completely lost - spiraling into debilitating depression and anxiety leading to my most recent relapse.

​Now, I am on a brand new path that has opened my eyes to my own truth; allowing for self-acceptance and the courage to face my addiction and shame.

My previous experience with online radio has encouraged me to begin this podcast where we can explore our journeys together by sharing and gaining insight, experience, strength and hope from friends, authors, seekers of healthy living and spiritual explorers who dare to honestly face self.

I was asked by someone why I chose the title I did. I'm glad they asked as it nudged me to put down in words what it was that I was thinking. This is essentially how I responded:

​Bizarre being the unusual. Bizarre sounded better and resonates with my own personal interests in the esoteric and metaphysical.

In my own life, I've had some unusual and extraordinary experiences related to both my addiction and my spiritual life. Also, I wanted to encompass anything that may be considered "weird" or unconventional and associate it with the "spiritual journey" which is generally thought of in a positive light. The word spiritual is broad and relates variably to so many people of different beliefs who have had their own life changing experiences. This is something I really enjoy discussing.

I hope to have more moving conversations from religious, non-religious, and always spiritual perspectives on recovery. And from individual revelations with the hope that something constructive can be taken away to help all of us - addicts or not. Also, I want to give people the sense that the podcast is unafraid of the dark places, as well as the light, within us and in our shared experience. 

That mystical place we all have somewhere external and internal.

Ultimately it's about sharing whatever we all have to offer that can affect positive change to lift us up.

My short story...